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OUR Signature Proprietary Organic Essential Oil Blend formulated smells fresh and clean to you and is good for you. Restorative and Preventative is the heart of this unique blend. Power packed with wisdom and love, third party lab tested , all in our best efforts to help maintain HEALTHY indoor air quality and healthy GoGreen Natural Response cleaning solutions. Individual cutom rollers for personal benefits, known to combat Candida and numurous recipe options available to help you beHomeFree. *antimicrobial, anti -fungal, anti-bacterial, natural antispectic, and free from fragrances and harsh chemicals. *every oil included in our blends and can be found directly on the bottle with transparent labeling for your own peace of mind and ability to research the benefits of each. * everybottle sold a % is donated to equip the #hometeam commUNITY in hosting and helping others. Thank you for choosing HomeFree and to beHomeFree.

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