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Licensed, Insured, Experienced, Compassionate.

Karen Menard -

A Christian, daughter, sister,  wife, mother of 4, Gami (aka Gupie) of 2,  and loyal friend began HomeFree, LLC "helping you breathe easier" after working in the environmental field a few years. 

While learning innocent lives, some sitting in classrooms, homes, businesses were breathing poor indoor air quality, mold, mycotoxins, becoming sick, experiencing allergic reactions, being misdiagnosed and then wrongfully medicated, moved this momma's heart to find healthier solutions. 

 ... and her passionate pursuit continues. This is not a "job" she ever thought about having,  its been much more a calling, that she couldn't run away from.  She loves God, loves people, and wants the best for families. The opportunity to meet and get to know hundreds of families personally, keeps her  motivated in this  "mission field".  

2001 - Mrs. Menard became a Tools for Schools Consultant.

Implementing necessary changes were challenging in the beginning, however, very rewarding now; as many local schools, children and families have become more aware of the risk of mold exposure and the benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality.

2003-  Karen met with local Dr.'s and a Guest Speaker Doug Kauffman Author and Speaker of  "Know the Cause."   Being a Field Inspector, making daily "house-calls" into contaminated environments, she wanted to be very proactive in prevention and protecting her own and other workers health, while, remaining considerate during consultations.  Wearing Personal protective equipment (respirators) can be scary, insulting to some, and difficult to communicate effectively during consultations. To help her, help others, she began practicing homeopathic preventatives, immune building and sustaining techniques.

Prayer first and Simple Homeopathic Natural Solutions became part of our #hometeam daily essentials. 

2005-  Karen along with HomeFree #hometeam was leading local officials after Hurricane Katrina in Remediation and Restoration efforts. She initiated the equipping of our community with DIY Kits and the knowledge to successfully, safely remediate and rebuild. 

2010 - Karen thought she could take a personal leave, "recover" and remain as HomeFree Environmental Consultant "from the office." God and Acadiana had different plans for her and their Mold Inspection and Testing company. 

One divine appointment after another, one testimony after another, many she shares through tears, kept her steadfast "being part of the solution" serving her commUNITY needs. You can still find her very present on job locations and hands on. Many times along the side of First Responders. She generously believes in volunteering and donating, for the betterment of all. 

2012/2013 - Karen began formulating proprietary blends and anti-fungal solutions. 

She is trusted and Locally Loved.  Local businesses would hire her to formulate, organic blends, and private label for their small business. 

She shares many DIY options and recipes to better serve the commUNITY as a whole now. 

Go Green. 

Enviro - Friendly

Botanical Air Freshener 

"breath of fresh air"

"HomeEssentials, All PurposeFULL Cleaner",

"Mrs. Menard's" Aromatic Cleaners,

"Natural Response" Our First Responders first choice. 

The Signature "HomeFree Indoor Air Quality Blend" lab tested and proven to improve IAQ and prevent surface mold growth. 

"Natural Response" recipes to naturally clean home. 

"beHomeFree"; Free of toxins & harsh chemicals in the home. 

Her personal favorite is the Anointing Oil.  

Karen believes in the power of prayer, spiritually cleaning and The Great Physician is The answer, "solution" for all.  

 2016 - Her husband accompanied her on the journey in April to obey and fulfill the calling God has entrusted to their care for this season, and until their next God given assignment. … Troy joined the #hometeam just in time to assist Our Community in the "historic flood" clean up efforts, in their own neighborhood and home. 

2017-  Karen and Troy  became founders of "melting pot".

Where the hosting / gathering of this meeting of minds ( hearts) and talents is encouraging and expanding our HomeFree community to healthier living options.  

The Menard's are Known in their city as "Restorer of Homes" (Isaiah 58:7-14)… .and they  (we) choose to believe are aiding in restoring lives as well. 

2018 - our story continues …

Multiplying Blessings In His Service; 



"Whatever you (we) do, work at it with all your (our)hearts … 

unto The Lord. 

Col. 3:23

                                                                                                            Troy & Karen Menard #TeamMenard

                                                                                                                          2 Cor. 9: 8-15